Concrete Batching Plant 20 M3/Hr

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Mobile Concrete Batching Plant 20 Cu.M/Hr. (Two hopper divide in Four bin type)
  • Gathering Belt 800mm Width and Load in conveyor is 600mm Width is used.
  • Aggregate and Sand is weighing in Gathering belt and Cement and Water is weighing at the top of mixer in the separate load cell system.
  • Mix material output at the 2.5 Meter height (Height of the pan mixer).
  • Four bin capacity 2.5 Cu. M Per each bin. Total 10 Cu. M.
  • Pan type Mixer of the 0.50 Cu. M Capacity fabricates from 10mm plate with easy replaceable Liner.
Power requirement
  • Pan mixer: 20HP X1440 RPM with Planetary Gear box.
  • Gathering conveyor motor will be 5 HP X 1440 rpm – 1No.
  • Load in conveyor motor will be 5 HP X 1440 rpm – 1No.
  • Cement t screw conveyor – 10HP X 1440 RPM.
  • Water pumps 3 HP X 1440 RPM.
  • Additive Pump 0.5HP X 1440 RPM
  • Vibratory Motor: 1HP X 1440 RPM at the Four Bin & 0.5 HP X 1440 RPM at the Cement Filler.
  • Four Load cell is used for weighing sand and aggregate at the Gathering conveyor. Cement and water has separate load cell assembly at the top of the mixer.

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